What’s in the box?

the flex belt review: electric muscle stimulation belt components

When I got my new toning ab belt, I got:

  • the abdominal toning belt with an extension
  • the manual ( plus quick start guide)
  • an AC adapter
  • gel pads
  • an LCD remote with battery
  • a bag for travelling



How Do You Set It Up & How It Works?

To my surprise, you just charge up the remote of the abdominal muscle toner workout belt, and voila! Excellent!

I put my abdomen toner (which is an unisex belt, by the way; it fits waist size of men and women) on right away, the size fits immediately, positioning the medical-grad gel pads and selecting the intensity level I wanted (I love to have control!…), and I was all set.

quick start guide for flex belt setupYou do get 1 page quick start setup sheet with pictures. That’s why I was so fast. Reading manuals is not my thing, but a detailed one with actually good usage and practical tips inside is included of course.

As a side note,remember not to start at too high of a level. Otherwise this will become a unique experience for you, haha. Start slow. I made that mistake once, and then I learned my lesson! If you happen to fall into that trap, though, don’t worry. Just press the buttons that increase or decrease the intensity of the Electical Muscles Stimulation abdominal workout belt.

The newest flex toning workout belt features not only 10 training programs.

Now you can grab your control unit and go from 1 to 150 intensity levels or just choose one of the 10 timed training programs that are pre-designed or fits your specific wants. I know my friend, Cindy, likes to choose her own settings on different days, but I like the pre-set programs.

It’s really just your preference. For reference you can check out my usage tips for this exercise tone abs flex belt.

What It Feels Like When The Ab Toner is On?

It feels sort of funny at first (the EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation uses clinically proven and demonstrated ab toning technology). You have no control over you abdominal muscles; muscles of your abdomen contract and relax again and you can do nothing about that; its the electrical muscle stimulation. But you get used to it. If you turn up the intensity level, it will obviously be more of a electrical sensation, but it never hurts. Right now level 100 is my highest. I feel good about that though, because I usually walk or jog with it on, so I am getting an intense abdominal workout, really.

So Does Electric Contraction Of Your Abdominal Muscles Really Work?

I wore the flex belt 3-4 days a week for 20-30 minutes a day, and I lost 3 inches on my waist, plus I am firmer around the waist. I also noticed that I am simply stronger. Due to the contracting of my ab muscles I can do about 30 more sit-ups than I could before the ab belt strengthening device, 35 more push-ups and 1 more minute in plank position (I could do 1 minute before, now I can do 2!). It simply increased my abdominal endurance and strength in a tremendous way; I can hardly describe it.

I also just feel great if that makes sense? I feel like when I bend over to pick up my little girl I don’t ache as much. It’s hard to explain, but it’s definitely a good thing.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Abdominal Exercise?

Wearing the flex belt while doing some cardio will definitely boost your results, like slimming your tummy, but that’s obvious. Also remember to push yourself by using the highest intensity that you can. Try to go up during your session if possible.

Before you wear the abdominal flex belt, you can also exfoliate your stomach muscles and skin, and after your abs workout, wash the gel pads with a little sanitizer.

Also afterwards, try to get in a few strength training moves like the plank or crunches. Not that my husband is going to exfoliate his stomach before putting on the pads though. That’s why he has his own set of gel pads :-)

But he also cleans them with the hand sanitizer.

Things other flex belt reviews don’t mention:

What Are the Great Things and Not So Great Things About The Abdominal Toning Belt?

The best things are: the results (easy and fast!), the ease of setup for the beginner or the advanced physical fitness guru, the fact that it is cleared by FDA and backed by research (the ab flex belt research and facts: I covered here in more detail) and the fact that it targets the hardest muscles on the body to tone–those abs and obliques! And while doing all this you will burn your belly fat and get a slimmer belly waist. It is the ultimate ab workout with this muscle belt workout exercise without actually doing a though and rough workout exercise. I know, it sounds weird, but with this medical device you know the belt can and will tone your belly.

The not so great things are: the price is a little high (it is not a complaint though I have great coupon that works 100% on this page -just like, tweet or +1 to get the hidden link), it’s not to be used like a lazy person (that is, you’ve got to do your part if you want to see the results from the part of the ems flexBelt), and finally, this is not a tool for weight loss. Rather, it’s a tool that strengthens muscles in the core and this makes them stronger and firmer.

What is the Feedback From Others Like Me For The Flex Toning Work Out Belt?

Searching for feedback about it is going to give you a wide variety of flex belt reviews. I did the research for the abs belts for you and have summarized some of the feedback for you. On YouTube, a user named Sam says,

You can get really, really awesome results from the ab belt strengthening device.

On Amazon, a reviewer named Andrea says,

“You still need to watch what you eat but I have noticed more definition in my abs, five out of five.”

And finally, Marcel, another reviewer online who is like me says,

There is not a single mention on the flex belt official website that you will lose weight. It does what they promise it does and does it better than any other abdominal contraction belt.

My Final Summary and Opinion

So, does the flex belt actually work or is it a scam?

Everyone knows it’s hard to fit fitness into your life–especially as a mom! The biggest benefit that most people seem too overlook is that it gives you back time because it can be worn while relaxing or doing something else..

Time is our most valuable asset in live. You can’t make up for lost time and I would rather spend it with my kids, reading a book or watch my favorite show than drag myself to the gym. After having two children, I thought my abs were gone for good honestly.

I undertook this experiment thinking that I might be able to do a few more push-ups when I was done (like 3 or 4?), but mostly wary that I would have just another accessory for my makeshift home gym. It wasn’t an overnight miracle, and I’m not going to lie and say it gave me magazine cover abs.

But it has given my body and my confidence a much needed boost ( I don’t have a six pack yet, though!). Lots of fat has disappeared, my body looks more toned and I feel more healthy without going on a diet and lots of oblique muscles workouts exercises like lots of squats or squat jumps in order to burn fat. I can’t deny it, the results are real and they’re noticeable. This is just one woman’s opinion, but if you’re searching for something to tone up with, this might just be it.

Give it a try, and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading the flex belt review of mine!

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